We specialize in deploying an array of strategic investment approaches, including equities, fixed income & macro, commodities, credit. These carefully chosen methods allow us to seize diverse market opportunities, all with a primary focus on achieving remarkable percentage gains for our esteemed investors.

We take great pride in our adeptness at navigating the markets, utilizing our expertise to capitalize on lucrative opportunities that drive substantial returns on investment. We strive to optimize profitability while prudently managing risk to provide you with an investment journey that yields outstanding results.


World Trade Securities equities teams employ their deep expertise to invest in the equity and equity-linked securities of companies across the globe. We seek to generate alpha by combining fundamental stock selection with proprietary analytical methodologies, grounded in rigorous risk management. We target companies in the Communications, Consumer, Energy, Financials, Healthcare, Industrial, Media and Entertainment, and Technology sectors

Fixed income and Macro

Our fixed Income and macro team works collaboratively, integrating a disciplined investment process within a rigorous analytical framework. Leveraging its in-depth understanding of central banks and partnerships with leading economists, our expertise spans macro views, monetary policy, and the intersection of public and proprietary data. Our trading and research team constantly originates, analyzes, and evaluates new opportunities, using qualitative and quantitative methods. Areas of focus include rates, currencies, sovereign bonds, and inflation.


We evaluate opportunities in natural gas, power, crude, and refined products, and agriculture. We use fundamental research, proprietary analytical methodologies, and quantitative analysis to drive our views. We join these techniques with an intense focus on understanding each market we trade, reflected in our ability to generate supply and demand balances for each commodity or product. A key part of this process is our advanced technology platform that allows us to quickly and deeply understand patterns within a market or product, conduct scenario analysis and improve the overall accuracy of our views.


World Trade Securities credit team seeks to generate alpha by focusing on the relationships that connect corporate bonds, convertible bonds, bank debt, credit derivatives, credit indices, and equities. Operating primarily across the U.S. and European corporate universe, the group’s core strategies integrate structural, statistical, and fundamental approaches to investing across the corporate capital structure.

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