Making better markets for a better world

Our dynamic team of seasoned experts is dedicated to delivering consistent growth and optimizing your returns


As a Global Investment Firm committed to creating the fairest, most transparent, and open markets in the world, our daily mission revolves around providing our clients with a seamless investment experience to meet their diverse portfolio needs.

Embracing perpetual reinvention, our team approaches market participation as a fundamental bridge that connects the financial markets with the real economy, enabling us to maximize profits for our valued clients’ portfolios.

Through strategic investments and diligent risk management, we strive to deliver consistent growth and superior returns, all while upholding our core principles of integrity and transparency.

“Our goal is to be at the heart of the market making industry as businesses expand across”

Nicholas Mugalli, CEO of World Trade Securities


To achieve our goal, we employ a diverse range of strategies, including equities, fixed income & macro, commodities, credit, and global quantitative approaches.

Analyst’s Reports

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